Going “on set” sounds very serious, and sometimes it is. However, we have been working with real pregnant women and their real families, so silly is going to supersede serious at times. Companies like to show their prettiest shot, the ones where the light is just right, and the clothes drape to perfection… which we like to do too, because it makes sense. But again, sometimes it’s what the camera captures that doesn’t always make the final cut that matters most. It’s hard to tell the difference between candid and staged, but that is not the case for these moments. I take you with us to Wisconsin…


Apparently Cedar, the little one, refused to take off these boots. This was her own pair, and she was hellbent to make them work with everything. They are her ruby red slippers boots. She made it work!


That’s the face of a mom who is done for the day. I like to call this face, “I don’t want to mom anymore tonight.” I have a toddler and an infant – I get it girl!


You know when you’re pregnant and pose on a large hay barrel it may be difficult and scary to come down? No worries… Abby’s actual husband was there to give her and his unborn child a helping hand!


Day 2 on set was Cedar’s actual 4th birthday!


That’s my boss giving her a birthday gift!


And there’s the cake to prove it!


Everybody on set is really professional – really, really professional!


You see what I mean? No time to joke. Time is money.


Abby is serving up the same “I am done momming” face as the day before! Models give good face.


I leave you with this picture. The dog days of summer October are coming to an end.

See ya in November!


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