What’s the difference between summer style and winter style? Besides there being more of it in winter? Texture baby! Summer clothes are all about breeziness – keeping it light. But when late fall comes, the door opens to so many types of must-need knit.

Chunky knit is my favorite kind of chunky – well, aside from my baby girl’s still very cottage-cheese like chunky butt, or as we New Jersey Italians say – coolie. Then there’s waffle knit and ribbed knit and cable knit and hacci and cotton and terry and wool!


Let me break down the stitching a little. The baby blue sweater has a shaker stitch, which is known for its extra soft ribbing and natural stretch. It’s perfect for snuggling. It’s made to grow with your belly… all winter long!


We’ve got a honeycomb sweater selection that is sweet! (I truly cannot resist a pun.) The honeycomb is known for its dimension, which makes it super textured, and a standout. We’ve got this one in the grey shown, as well as a coral and cream – a sweet cream. Haha!


I am a sweater – as in I sweat a lot. Whatever, but I run hot. For me, I don’t always want to do a daytime sweater, so when I think about getting cozy, I think over-the-top luxury. I think spa. I think a perfectly plush robe. That’s the texture I like: fluffy, cotton-candy-dream-inducing soft. Nighttime is when I get tactile.


Moving on to our nursing mamas. After having given birth, skin is still super sensitive, so tread softly when picking out clothing for a postpartum winter. The striped knit top is a best-seller because it isn’t too thick. It’s breathable, but still warm – and of course, it has a hidden-zipper design element that lets you get back to you.

Feeding your baby or pumping is not something we take for granted here. I have personally done it twice and there is nothing like the hot sweat panic that comes over you when you’re forced to lift your shirt up in public to breastfeed. Society is not always on board – yet – but in the meantime we are here to help.


And for the mamas-to-be and the mamas-that-just-became, there’s a new hacci knit sleep top with button down nursing function, so it can be worn during pregnancy and well into parenthood.

Hacci is made from large loop knitting, so the end result is really soft, but also airy, so that there is no overheating at night! This is important for women experiencing all those pre-to-post baby hormones! Get the sleep top and sleep bottom for a complete set.

You feeling these winter wonders? Send us your sweater weather snaps @motherhoodmaternity – Can’t wait to see you there!


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