Last Thanksgiving was a magical time in my life. I was pregnant, and knew I was having another daughter. I was hosting. The air was crisp, cool and I was allowing myself to eat turkey, even though I was primarily vegetarian prior to getting pregnant again. And above all else, I had no food guilt. You know the way you feel around the holidays, when everywhere you look someone made a baked item that smells like heaven and sugar? I like to think because we are animals we need to bulk up in the winter. There has to be something innately inside of us that still feels like hibernation is needed and filling up is preservation. Or… I just like to eat.

This year, I may have to be a hypocrite. I have not had meat since giving birth in February, however, once again, I am hosting, and a chef needs to taste the food. How else does she know if its good enough to serve? When commiserating loudly for my coworkers to hear, Ray stepped in with some facts. You remember Ray? He likes food. He gives us Mocktail Mondays. He also likes the hard, cold facts.

So, let’s talk turkey. Mamas out there who may be nervous about eating turkey, it is not the same as lunchmeat, which always seems to top the no-go list of pregnancy foods. The Thanksgiving turkey is actually pretty healthy for you, because it’s lean and full of protein – what I wish my nickname was.

Then we got to talking about other Thanksgiving foods and Ray told me to, “couch the potatoes”. He laughed.  I laughed. Then I got mad because nobody puts Baby in the corner and nobody tells Baby to not eat potatoes on Thanksgiving!  He said that starch should be eaten in moderation, but I really don’t need that kind of negativity in my life, so I have chosen to say that we women, especially those currently creating a life, need the extra carbs.

On the upside, Ray did say that sweet potatoes are amazing and healthy, referring to them a, “silence of the yams.”  In true Ray nature, he gave a little tip to sweetening these babies up without the extra granulated sugar. “My most coveted secret for mashed sweet potatoes is the addition of a single, small, butter roasted banana before the mashing begins.” Duly noted Ray.

Vegetables are good for you. Eat your veggies. But… there is always room for dessert. Ray did not mention dessert, because he has never been pregnant! What do you expect from a guy who warned me about potatoes? Those cravings kick in and all of sudden, you’ll die without pie. I did a little digging and discovered that apple pie, pumpkin pie and pecan pie are good for you. I use the term good loosely. Please note that I am not a doctor, but I play one in my own head.

Pumpkins are filled with beta carotene, which is what carrots have, and what claims them to be good for your eyesight. They are filled with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. So, go ahead and grab a slice. Add whipped cream if you want; that one is on you! Apples are fruits. Need I say more? Their natural sweetness is only heightened with help from the brown ooey-gooey sugar and buttery double crust. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life people.

And now for the pecan pie – the most decadent of the bunch. You can literally heart pecans, because they are known for lowering the risk of heart disease. Nuts are also amazing for digestion, so it seems only right you end your meal with this pie.

Now, because we are a clothing company, I do feel compelled to help you out. Most people at your Thanksgiving table will unbutton their pants; they will be popping out. But not you. The Secret Fit Belly® pants will stretch, comfort and grow, no matter how hard you have at that turkey and pie.

Remember when Joey wore his Thanksgiving pants on Friends? Think those pants but made for you. You’re welcome. This is the time of giving, after all.

Happy eats & sweets mamas.   – Daina (or, as you probably prefer to call me by now) LAFOP

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