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I read a meme that said, “November is the Thursday of the year”, and it really somehow makes sense. But, then again, I like Thursday. Sure, Friday is flashier, as is December, but Thursday has always been fun. Remember in college, thirsty Thursdays? Sorry mamas keep them in your memories for now. But the thing about November that keeps it a top month for most is of course today, Thanksgiving Day.

There is not as much pressure on it as Christmas gets, unless you’re hosting, but even then, once the bird is in… it’s all gravy. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). This year I asked my co-workers to tell me what they’re grateful for. I feel like between the anxiety of adulting, the emerging holidays, and every other day-to-day stressors, it is heartening to stop and think about the really important things in life – the things that keep everything else in perspective.

I am forever thankful for the rocks in my life, the ones that won’t budge, who stick around and keep me grounded all the same. I am thankful to my husband who has the tireless task of putting up with me since we were EIGHTEEN, my daughters who have made a new and improved form of me, my dog Diesel because he is the hairiest living angel, my family, my friends, my house and my health – may that last one continue to keep its status quo.

So, go ahead and digest these praises of thanks while you digest everything else. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. “I’m so thankful for a family that believes in and nurtures togetherness. I’m also grateful that I have the privilege to be a Mom to an amazing girl. Our family is thankful for our community of friends & family too.” – Kara Stickley, Visual Communications Manager
  2. “I am thankful for my daughter & that she gets to experience so many firsts this year. We are so excited to head into her first holiday season!” – Brandy Leinhauser, Paid Search Manager
  3. I’m thankful to work with so many wonderful people, who are great at what they do. – Oksana Yarychkivska, CRM Manager
  4. “I am thankful for my friends & family & working with such wonderful people.” – Anita Aub, Email Marketing Coordinator
  5. “I am thankful for the health & well-being of my family this year after going through some tough times.” – Dave Vanyo, Senior Manager of Visual Merchandising
  6. “I’m thankful for my little V who is my pot of gold, my husband who is always by my side, my family who are there for me through thick & thin, my friends who are like family, my 2 pups & all the pups I’m fortunate to foster, that show such unconditional love. This is what makes my life pure magic & I couldn’t be more thankful for that.” – Klaudia Vitale, Senior Art Director
  7. I’m most thankful that my 7-year-old dog, Gray, kicked cancer’s butt this year! – Jacqueline Hamel, Visual Merchandise Manager
  8. “Every year my daughter gets more into the spirit of the holidays.  This year she’s four & a half and I’m so thankful to get caught up in her excitement.” – Stacy Lyons, Manager of In-store Experience
  9. “I am grateful for small moments shared with friends & loved ones; for belly laughs & elbow taps; for acoustic guitars & firepits on late fall evenings; for that feeling of knowing that everyone around you is having a good time & it’s only the beginning of the festivities.” – Kathryn Breish. E-Comm Retoucher
  10. “I’m thankful to have friends in my life who have stood by me when times were bad, who have walked in when others have walked out & whose conversations, counsel & company continue to enrich my life.” – Ray Peraino, Copywriter
  11. “I am thankful for my family and friends and being able to spend the Holiday season together creating new memories.” – Kim Sharrah, Senior eCommerce Merchandiser
  12. “I am thankful for being knocked up for the third time.” – Jackie Daniele, Creative Services Project Manager

With that, I ask you… what are you thankful for? Tell us


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