2020This year I went for the long game resolution. Now I am only human, so of course, I have to lose those last five to seven pounds and go to the gym more… but that aside my resolution is to get my older daughter into a preschool by September 2020.

Why is this task harder than losing weight? Because I am not in control of the result! All-day preschool is what I am looking for, because I work all day. The town has one, but it’s only for three hours a day and they pick ten kids from the whole town. I have never been known for my luck, so we’ll be number eleven, which won’t ironically be because it’s my favorite number. I will still try though. I have until February, a mere month to get this application into the school’s registrar office. They want a birth certificate, a down payment, some blood, an arm and my leg too.

If that doesn’t work, and if the odds are not in my favor, then I will have until the summer to find Val a preschool that is all day, at least twice a week, while still allowing her to go to the babysitter’s so I can keep my spot with her, not lose our relationship, and allow her to still be with her friends and sister some days during the week. Phew. I haven’t even began working on this resolution and I am drained.

Mom life, amiright?

As for the other resolutions, I must be careful since I do have two daughters. I can’t just not eat and call it a night. I also try my hardest to never say I look or feel fat in front of them, especially the [almost] four-year-old. Instead, I say it to everyone all day at work, while I bring healthy food and desperately wait for others to bring in free treats, that would simply be rude to not eat. Maybe next year’s resolution can be to just be happy in the weight I am. I can call it “the weight is over” but until then – mission preschool.

What resolutions have you set or did you forget already? Show & share

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