Guest Editor: Indigo, Associate Manager of Product Marketing

Knowing the gender of my baby was something I anticipated since learning I was pregnant. I never imagined that my child’s father wouldn’t be allowed in the office, but would have to wait in the parking lot or that the technician would only allow me to FaceTime him if his end was on mute. I wasn’t able to hear his reaction, I could only see his tears.

I wasn’t able to hear his reaction,
I could only see his tears.

I understand the need to control the spread of COVID-19, but taking experiences away from fathers and tainting them for mothers because of it feels like a loss and I can’t help but feel robbed of that moment of finally hearing our little banana was a baby girl.

Jackie: Posting your sweet story with tears in my eyes. I’m so sorry that was your experience. And thank you for sharing.

Indigo: Aww don’t cry. If this is the worst thing that happens, I’ll be lucky.

Whether you find out in the ultrasound room, have the doctor write the gender on paper to give to the balloon associate, or keep it a surprise until birth – the 20 week anatomy scan is a big appointment in the 40 week journey for both parents. Thinking of all the mamas that have had similar experiences and changed plans.

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