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When it comes to baby showers, we love striking a balance in our gifting – something for baby, of course, but also a little something for the mama-to-be. We have created a lust-worthy list of items for both! The options are endless. Oh, and if you can’t decide… give the gift of choice with a seasonal and themed e-gift card or physical gift card too.

Let’s start with gifts for her: Safe, effective skincare made for bodies that are working hard seems like a necessary little luxury. We love brands like basq NYC, Bella B and Belli Beauty. They’ve got the body covered, literally from head to toe with stretch mark creams, tummy butters, and nipple balms for mama. Pair some skincare with a pajama set for an unexpected gift to make her feel pampered and pretty.

Gifts for baby range from adorable to practical: Both the WubbaNub and Pop Pacifier have our hearts. The first will surely be your baby’s new best friend with its friendly and cuddly stuffed animal attached while the Pop Pacifier will surely be yours! The nipple will fold inside the base, so that it never hits the ground, eliminating the constant sanitizing every time it falls to the floor.  And it’s 100% silicone is free from phthalates, lead, latex, bpa and pvc. You can shop all baby gifts here as well.

For a few “just because” gifts: Shop milestone markers like the blocks shown, as well as blankets and stickers so your mama-to-be can document every cute moment to come her way. Or prepare her for motherhood with any of our nursing items and accessories. If she doesn’t already have one, the Snoogle is a must for any mom-to-be hoping to get some beauty sleep before baby. And of course we love to gift diaper bags to ensure she’s got everything she needs for days out with baby. Happy shopping!


so much to love

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? At some point it may have meant dinner out, dancing and maybe a glass of wine. So what about this year? You’re pregnant, which means it’s alright to use that beautiful bump as a reason to order in, snuggle on the couch and sip a little ginger tea. It isn’t about sacrificing; it’s about indulging.

What is there not to love about maternity sleepwear that is made extra soft for your hardworking body? In shades of blush, rose and cranberry, it’s like making a cocktail of pretty pregnancy pajamas. Ask for a massage and use belly balms, oils and butters carefully crafted from expecting skincare. It is all about giving the bump a little extra TLC.

There is so much to love, so finishing the night off with glowing skin, a smooch from your honey and the feeling of your baby growing inside of you is the icing on the cake. Or… end the night with cake. Hey, you’re eating for two! Happy cravings and Happy Valentine’s Day. With Hugs & Kisses – Motherhood

All of Me Loves All of You Graphic Tee

Heart Print Maternity Sleep Pants

Heart Print Nursing Nightgown

Maternity & Nursing Robe


Beat Stretch Marks With basq: Co-Founder Lauren Parisier Shares Her Skin Care Secrets

When it comes to stretch marks, the question on every expecting mom’s mind is: What works? We turned to skin care expert Lauren Parisier, who along with Kelli Kenny, co-founded basq NYC, an effective, beautiful skin care line to repair damage and revitalize skin. At Motherhood Maternity, we carry exclusive aromas of their Body Boost by basq products, pregnancy specific body butters and oils designed to prevent and repair stretch marks. We asked Lauren for the best tips and tricks to fight stretch marks and improve skin condition and her answer is simple: start with a sugar scrub. Below, Lauren spills on the top three reasons to add an exfoliating sugar scrub to your skincare routine to aid and diminish marks.


Guest Editor: Lauren Parisier, Skin Care Expert & basq NYC Co-Founder

1 – FEELING ITCHY? That’s the sign of deeper damage that will show up a few months later as stretch marks.  Don’t Scratch!  Scratching only causes more damages to tender, over stretched skin.  Instead, try scrubbing. Our Body Boost Sugar Scrub gently sloughs away dry, dead skin for instant relief from itchy skin.

2 – FIGHT MARKS EARLY! Exfoliation triggers skin renewal.  As you slough, your skin goes into rebuild mode – building the Collagen and Elastin fibers that keep your skin stronger and more able stretch and rebound – instead of breaking and leaving stretch marks.  Our scrub, which comes in Lavender Vanilla and Milk & Honey aromas, nourishes as it smooths for deeper results.

3 – THE SECRET TO A BETTER BOUNCE BACK! Your body stretches all over during pregnancy and the skin on your legs, arms and backside can suffer from post-pregnancy sag.  A full body scrub twice a week helps your skin stay strong throughout the big stretch. Exfoliation pushes damage up and out for smoother skin texture, more even tone and saggy skin prevention.  Give your skin a head-to-toe boost and start early with the Body Boost Sugar Scrub. The payoff will be a better bounce back post-pregnancy!

You can shop all of our basq products here and this must-have sugar scrub here!

The views expressed on this post represent those of the author and not of Motherhood Maternity.

Jessica Alba’s Beach Bag Essentials

With summer winding down and the long Labor Day weekend approaching, we’re planning on soaking up that summer sun and heading to the beach before the season ends. To prepare, we turned to one of our favorite celebrity moms and co-founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, for what she packs in her beach bag. Read along for more from this mom mogul!


Guest Editor: Jessica Alba, Co-Founder of The Honest Company.

Bug Spray: I love our bug spray because it safely repels using organic essential oils (and made without DEET)! It smells so good and is super easy to use – a warm weather must.

Sunscreen: Gentle and effective. Done and done. My beach bag is already stuffed enough, so I go for products that the whole family can use. I’ll give my girls a snack or popsicle while I slather them with sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

Lip Balm: Our organic lip balm is everything! They are perfect for everyday use, but especially great for summer when my lips get extra chapped. It utilizes Shea butter and aloe leaf extract and comes in three yummy flavors.

Hand Sanitizer Spray: My kids love this stuff – it’s so easy to use and smells great. The quick-drying formula helps kill germs and bacteria and the bottle is perfectly purse-sized.

Wipes : I call these “cheek to cheek” wipes because they work just as well on your own face as they do your baby’s bottom. They wipe down sticky fingers, clean up spills, easily remove makeup, and are great for keeping sandy feet out of the car! My beach tip: stick a travel pack in the ice chest for a quick and easy cooldown.

The views expressed on this post represent those of the author and not of Motherhood Maternity.

Spring Skincare Secrets From a Pro

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to add a few essentials to our beauty routine. Who better to tell us what to stock our purses (and diaper bags) with than our resident beauty expert Kristen?! Read along for her favorites.


Guest Editor: Kristen Diamond, Beauty and Lingerie Buyer

beautyEssentials BLOG

Butter London Nail Polish, because let’s face it, toes cannot be out unless they are properly polished!

The basq Skin Scrub is a must; now that a little more skin is showing, it needs to be at its best.

This basq oil isn’t super greasy and rubs in well, so it’s a great moisturizer. I like the lavender scent because it is so soothing.

The Honest Company Sanitizer Spray is a year-round must for me.

The Honest Company Sun Block stick gets our whole family ready for more outdoor time!

Body Boost by basq’s Bump Love Kit is a great gift for a mom-to-be. It’s her first time getting to celebrate Mother’s Day and this set is a great way to show her some love and encourage her to spend some time doing a little pampering.

You can shop all our beauty and skincare here. What are your favorite items for spring?


The Honest Company’s Christopher Gavigan on Work + Family

Guest Editor: Christopher Gavigan, Founder and Chief Product Officer of The Honest Company

What we have always admired about The Honest Company is how its founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan were inspired by their own journey into parenthood to help parents everywhere.  Not to mention how much we really love to use- and look at- the brand’s safe and effective products for mom and baby. With a growing family (baby number 4 is soon on the way) and a growing business that coincidentally just turned 4, we asked Christopher what it’s like trying to do it all. The best part:  his answers have us feeling like we can too.

HonestFamily BLOG

Photo courtesy of Christopher Gavigan

How is your family preparing for Baby No. 4? Did the news comes as a surprise to your children Luke, Eve, and Poppy and do you have any advice to other parents preparing their little one/s for a new sibling?

Newborn babies are always surprises, and remarkable gifts to parents and siblings,;so YES , it was an absolute surprise that we are feeling so grateful and excited about.  The kids are calling him/her “my baby,” and like most new parents, we are doing plenty of talking to the kids about the new little arrival to ensure the smoothest transition. However, we do need to start having conversations around a name!

We don’t often hear a dad’s perspective on balancing work and parenting. What does balancing work and family mean to you?

“Balancing” is a hopeful word, and one that lacks the fuller context of the many pulls and complexities of what it is to be a father these days.  We all want to be the best father, husband, professional, person, friend, etc., but “balance” means you are winning … and feeling good about it.  Candidly, I often don’t feel good about not being around more for the children, and that’s because I have this other “baby” called The Honest Company.  So for me, as a realist, it’s all about a sense of compromise and being very thoughtful about when, where, and how I show up.  This has necessitated that I put a ton of thought into prioritizing quality over quantity.  Putting the phone down (for things like work emails) when I’m home, using Sunday as an Electronic Sabbatical for the whole family (this means no screen time), and being as present in the moment as I can be, which I think  is the true meaning of life by the way.  And Dads, you must focus on self-improvement too — working out, reading a book, and challenging yourself. You need it and deserve it.

How do you and your wife Jessica Capshaw stay connected as a couple with such busy schedules?

Well, instead of saying we are “busy” all the time (a useless mantra that people everywhere say), we work to acknowledge the “abundance” and the choices we have that fill our lives  and each other up.  We work to prioritize our dinners out, a neighborhood walk or workouts together. We also definitely try to take that special night away at a hotel within driving distance to our home.  And car-time talking doesn’t count (you have to look at your spouse to truly communicate and get connected!)

What do you hope 2016 will bring you personally and professionally?

If someone could bottle moments and slow down time, I’ll continue to hope for that!

HonestProduct Part2 BLOG

What new product/s is Honest launching this year that you are anticipating most?

Okay, nice try.  I’m someone who doesn’t easily reveal our innovations and awesome work for Honest.  For a conscious, purpose-driven company like us, the growth of our impact is what really excites us: serving, educating, inspiring, developing, and staying in tune with science. Our purpose to continue the excellence in baby, feeding, beauty, and cleaning are all paramount, so you’ll see continued expansion, refinements, evolution, and creating tons of additional smiles (and points of distribution) for our Honestly delightful products.  Vague (I know!) but we are on a mission. This journey is a multi-generational effort, and we dream big.

You can shop The Honest Company,  including new  apricot-scented Shampoo & Bodywash, Conditioner and Face & Body Lotion,  in Motherhood Maternity stores and online.

Winter Pregnancy Skincare Secrets from a Pro

Guest Editor: Kelli Kenny, basq NYC Co-Founder

Boosting your skin care routine to banish dry Winter skin is a must. Kelli Kenny, Mom and Co-Founder of basq NYC, whose high quality pregnancy skin care products have earned a devoted following, gave us some of her best tips for maintaining a healthy, hydrated glow during the coldest months of the year.WinterEssentials BLOGFrom Kelli

My top priority in winter during and after pregnancy is to beat the itchies! As a mom always on the go, my skin tends to get a lot dryer in the Winter, especially living in NYC. The same can be true during pregnancy, especially with hormonal skin changes happening. As the temps start dipping, my heating system goes full throttle, sapping all the moisture from my skin. Here are some secrets for combating dry and itchy winter skin.

Exfoliate: I use our Sugar Body Polish to exfoliate in the shower at least once a week. A gentle scrub in a warm shower is the best quick fix for dry itchy skin. Remember, it is best to keep your shower temps lower as hot water actually saps skin moisture by stripping your natural moisture barriers. I’m in love with our new Skin Perfecting Sugar Scrub in Lavender Pear. Originally used in our Calming Oil, this aroma has been a customer and team favorite for a long time. It’s great to finally enjoy it in the shower. We only use sugar in our scrubs, no salts or seeds that can irritate and dry skin; so, your skin will be left really soft!

Rough Edges: For extra dry elbows and heels, a dry scrub down works wonders. Before turning on the shower, use a little sugar scrub and rub in a circular motion. Let it set for a couple of minutes. The natural glycolic acids help release dry, tough skin. Wash off and reveal a soft and smooth finish!

Rich Moisture: After a shower, my dry skin must-have is our Mega Moisture Butter since it’s rich and creamy without being heavy. Plus, it absorbs incredibly well. I love that I can get dressed right away. If I’m feeling extra dry, I put it on right before bed for an overnight treatment effect.

Tint & Glow: During the winter months I switch to a slightly tinted moisturizer in the mornings.  Just the small touch of color makes me appear healthier and energized. It also helps even skin tone so I can avoid wearing a heavy foundation during the day. I gravitate toward the L’Oreal BB Tinted Moisturizer – it is really light, absorbs quickly and gives a great finish. Even better… it has a 15 SPF built in so I get sun protection without thinking about it.

The Eyes Have It: An eye cream is important year round – the under eye area is ultra-delicate and prone to puffiness and lines. Extra hydration in the winter is a must! I use our Cucumber Tea Gel daily; it’s great for long-term toning and tightening, plus I love how it takes care of morning puffiness and fatigue lines.

Steam to Dewy:  As I child I would watch my mom open the dishwasher during the dry cycle and steam her face! It sounds extreme, but steaming really works to open pores and deeply saturate the skin with moisture. In the evenings, I place a washcloth in hot water with a few drops of our Lavender Calming Oil, squeeze out excess water and place on my face to open pores. I follow with a very light moisturizer like Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin. Then, once a week, I use a light coating of the Lavender Calming Oil; it’s my perfect nighttime treatment. My skin looks great in the morning and I always sleep better with a little lavender. Remember, lavender is amazing for clearing blemishes, tightening pores and for overall better sleep and relaxation.

This blog post provides general information and discussion about health, diet, lifestyles and related subjects.  The words and other content provided in this blog, and in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. If the reader or any other person has a medical concern, he or she should consult with an appropriately-licensed physician or other health care worker. The views expressed on this post represent those of the blogger and not of Destination Maternity.

What’s In Her Bag // Olivia’s Party-Perfect Beauty Picks

It’s holiday party season and that means your beauty game needs to be on point! You can take a look from desk to dinner and add a little drama with the right makeup and accessories.
party beauty picksFirst, I always rely on a statement clutch to instantly elevate a look with little effort. Then I glam up my makeup routine! Think old school Hollywood or downtown chic; both are classic looks for the season.  To go old school, do a red lip (liner and a moisturized mouth are the key to getting a sleek red lip that lasts) then add a soft winged eye and an illuminating powder over your cheekbones. A shiny glossy lip (Nars gloss in Sweet Dreams is a nice option) and a smoky cat-eye (Chanel’s duo eyeliner in Noir) make for a dramatic party look.

I keep Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm in my bag for my hands and legs, add shimmery bangles and my favorite scent, Stella McCartney, for a perfect finish. At the end of the night, taking it all your make up off doesn’t have to be a chore. Just stash The Honest Company’s 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes in your medicine cabinet.

What are some of your favorite party beauty secrets? –Olivia

BCBGMAXAZRIA Clutch // Chanel Powder Blush // Stella Perfume by Stella McCartney // Alexis Bittar Mirrored Brake Hinged Bracelet // Chanel Duo Eyeliner in Noir // Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm // Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder // Mac Lip Pencil in Ruby Woo // Revlon Lipstick in Red Lacquer // Nars Lip Gloss // The Honest Company Lip Balm

15 Great Gifts For The Stylish Mama

For all of you expecting and new mommas, I’ve put together a holiday wish list just for you! So pass it along to those who may need a hint (or two!), or give yourself an extra treat that will help you savor this special time and the holiday season in style!BlackFriday Essentials BLOG 3A chic multi-purpose baby bag and designer maternity jeans are musts that you can use both before and after baby. The Honest Company’s Lavender and Vanilla sugar scrub and basq’s Essentials Kit are perfect for a little at-home pampering. Get cozy in UGG Australia slippers, cable socks or an ultra-luxe maternity sweater.

pretty bra and Hanky Panky lace panties add a little femme while also being functional, especially when you will want to stock up on these items for the first few months at home with baby. Statement earrings or an edgy iPhone case make great stocking stuffers while a coffee table book by the ultimate style maker Rachel Zoe is a perfect gift for you and your home. Also for the home or even a nursery: a personalized photo; upload a photo on Shutterfly to create a special piece of wall art that will capture this special time. Last but not least on my list is a Motherhood or A Pea in the Pod gift card because who doesn’t love the idea of getting to pick out a few extra goodies after the holidays?  Happy Holidays mamas! -Olivia

Rachel Zoe On What You Need In Your Bag + Closet Right Now

Guest Editor: Rachel Zoe, Stylist, Editor and Designer

The fall season is in full swing and with it, tons of new trends and must-haves. I reached out to the ultimate fab mom, Rachel Zoe, for her top picks that every stylish mama needs in both her handbag and closet right now.Rachel Zoe Fall Fashion Must Haves

Photo: Instagram / @RachelZoe

From Rachel

Every mom and mom-to-be needs an arsenal of separates that are classic and versatile, and a handbag stocked with the essentials.  Check out some of my fall favorites for everyday beauty tips and style that’s effortlessly glamorous!RZ Essentials BLOGThe Honest Company hand sanitizer spray is perfect for moms on the go. I have one in every bag, in every room in my house and office – it’s with me everywhere I go!

Tom Ford Carrie round sunglasses; I always have a pair of oversized sunnies on me at all times, and I’m obsessed with Tom Ford’s Carrie frame. That man can do no wrong.

Lancome’s AUDA(CITY) in Paris eye shadow palette creates the perfect smoky eye in a range of warm, saturated tones. I always love an eye shadow palette, because you can go light for day and dark for night.

Mac Diva Antics lipstick is a rich, reddish burgundy. It’s my perfect autumn shade!

Long sleeve side slit maxi dress; I love the idea of a side slit maxi dress for fall. Styled with over the knee boots or platform sandals, it’s endlessly versatile.

Ponte vest; A sleek vest is essential to every wardrobe.  It’s the one piece you’ll throw on when you’re looking to polish off any ensemble.

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