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Is it possible to be bold and not bright? This geometric-print maternity dress is breaking the rules, playing with details and looks amazing on just about everyone, case in point… these gorgeous moms-to-be! Say hello to this mellow yellow piece from MiMi, the brand that is helping to redefine maternity!

Terra from @loveandlarock spends some quality time with her daughter after being away for the weekend, wearing [and looking so effortlessly chic] in the MiMi dress. What’s better than barefoot and pregnant really?

Jess Renee snapped a shot of her and her husband celebrating their 4-year wedding anniversary. Yellow is the perfect color for some summer lovin’.

And blogger Candice from @collectivelycandice  looks picture perfect with her pregnancy glow, those stunning earrings and of course the yellow dress to end all other yellow dresses.

@carissaalvarado takes a break from florals with geo prints, and she looks amazing doing so in the MiMi maternity dress! What works well with yellow? White sunnies and white sandals!

This maternity dress was made from lightweight linen, features a button front and a stretchy back, so you can style it right into fall and right into your next trimester. We cannot get enough of it, and clearly you can’t either! If you own it, show it @MiMiMaternity #MiMiOnMe #MiMiMaMa


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We love looking into the mindset of designers, and it is no different when it comes to our newest collection from MiMi Maternity. Our last featured post discussed the capsule, named Brasilia, and how it was inspired “by the bold tiles and patterns created by architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and collaborating artist, Athos Bulcão.”

We took it a step further to show you how that inspiration became a reality. Brasilia is a very modern city; in fact, it was only inaugurated as the capital in 1960. It’s newness and bold, bright white architecture make it unique when being compared to the historical elements of traditional capital cities we have come to know. We tote our MiMi Mama as the metropolitan girl, so we love that her closet is created with all different types of cities in mind. The fast-paced, everchanging environment is what keeps our customer and her clothing current.

You can see elements of strong lines in the collection’s yellow geometric print, which can be found on this maternity dress and this maternity top. One of the most well-known architectural marvels in the Brazilian capital is the Cathedral of Brasilia. You’ll notice the deep white lines that resemble the sweeping columns on this tiered maternity dress and tie sleeve maternity shirt.

What we really love about the whole collection is that the structured element of design is balanced with flowing, easy materials that allow a carefree look and feel. Shop all MiMi Maternity here.

How does style inspire you? Tell us and tag us @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe


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We cannot be more excited to announce the arrival of fresh fashion from MiMi Maternity. The newest capsule is based on the post-modern architecture of Brazil’s capital, and aptly named Brasilia. We were inspired by the bold tiles and patterns created by architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and collaborating artist, Athos Bulcão.

Shown in the prints and geometrical lines, the MiMi button front dress and embroidered maternity cami echo and pay homage to both men’s work. For a warm-weather effect, the print story also features tropical pops, seen in the printed maternity dress.

The deeper colors for summer are a refreshing shakeup from the usual brights and bolds. This modern palette is comprised of, “rich vegetal shades – bright rose violet and ochre punctuate, deep thyme green and fired brick.”

To offset the heat of the season, the pieces are crafted from breezy, double-cloth gauzy cottons. This fabrication runs throughout the collection from shirts to dresses. We created a dress capsule featuring an easy tank maternity dress in jersey knit, a linen maternity sundress, a special occasion maternity dress and so much more.

Stay tuned all week as new pieces arrive!


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Get lost in an adventure away in our MiMi Maternity favorites! Hop on a plane, train, car or bus and head on a babymoon that you can’t wait to capture in memories and of course on Instagram!  We put together two capsules for the metro-mama who is hitting the beach and the street style gal who is ready to discover another city.

For sightseeing around a town you’re about to explore, we chose to go classic, cool, and sprinkled with stripes.  That chambray maternity top is a no brainer, with adjustable sleeves, and a button front. We see this looking super cute over that floral MiMi tankini, you know in case you come across a body of water… or spa. Stripes for day come in the form of a ruffle sleeve maternity top, and by night in the bell sleeve maternity dress. Swap your maternity jeans for these olive maternity joggers and you’re ready for adventure.

For a getaway to somewhere warm and relaxing, we packed a floral cold shoulder maternity dress with pink poppies, a coordinating pink cold shoulder maternity top and simple pocket front maternity tee. Never travel without a really good pair of jeans, these being MiMi’s cool girl destructed kick flare crops. We couldn’t forget the suit to ends all suits: the ruffle front, cross back maternity swimsuit in black.

Make sure you tag us on your babymoon journey @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMama



Our MiMi mama is cosmopolitan, a city dweller, a lover of street style and Instagram-worthy outfits. A shower themed to the Big Apple and all things classic New York seems like the perfect fit!

Dress up your party in décor that is black and white and red [apple] all over. And for the mama-to-be, there’s nothing more quintessential NYC than a little black dress. Our MiMi lace maternity dress is party perfection; it’s textured, off the shoulder, stretchy, soft and structured with a little ruffle. Feminine, comfortable, a bit flirty, everything to make you feel like the life of the party.

With New York landmarks, picture props and signs… it looks like all streets lead to a memorable shower. You don’t have to be a city slicker to get in on the fun and fashion. Which city and town do you [and your bump] represent?  Let us know with #MiMiMama #MiMiMaternity @MiMiMaternity.


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The exclusive collection that’s redefining maternity style is now in stores too!

Need to navigate the world of MiMi Maternity?

Discover what it is and who it’s for with our intro post.

Shop the exclusive capsule online here.

Check out our interview with Lead Designer, Lisa Drake, who’s pictured above!

Listen and watch her on our Facebook Live video.

Follow us, like us, tag us on Instagram @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMama

See more of the key trends like stripes and shoulder exposure.

And head to your local store to check out MiMi in person.


MH BLOG Mimi Monday Two 2018 v1

It’s MiMi Maternity Monday and we have to hit upon the trend with no end. There were times when stripes were taboo, animal print too risqué and polka dots relegated to little girls. All of these “trends” have become standard and classic in their own sense, like how camo is a new neutral. That’s how we see the exposed shoulder, the cold shoulder, the one shoulder, the off-the-shoulder, the detailed shoulder – any top or dress where shoulders steal the show.

MiMi is no exception; in fact, its purpose is to keep your closet relevant, fresh and fashion-forward during your pregnancy [and after.] All of the styles feature something new, even without an exposed shoulder, like the yellow ruffle sleeve top. We can’t get over the color, which is not mustard, not lemon, but as rich and bright as both.

The power shade of the red tie-shoulder halter top is strong, yet deeply feminine. It’s sexy, but subtly so. For something a little more playful, the pink maternity top has all the features: cold shoulder, ruffles, ties… it’s youthful and refreshing. Want to play around with even more color? The off-the-shoulder top also features tie sleeves, with a silky weightless finish, so it flows over your bump like really smooth turquoise water.  Take a dive into the trend and show a little shoulder.



MH BLOG Mimi Monday One 2018 v1

If you haven’t met MiMi yet, now is the time to read between the lines. The exclusive collection launched last week and Head Designer, Lisa Drake, took us through her design process. Inspired by the clean, modern landscapes of Marseilles, it’s not ironic that both vertical and horizontal lines found their way into the capsule. What is more French than a classic stripe?

When it comes to MiMi, it’s all in the details. Subtle feminine touches like ruffles, peeps of unexpected skin and multi-dimensional shirting, are the things that the MiMi girl had been missing. These pieces integrate into any woman’s wardrobe, without making you feel like you’re wearing traditional maternity. Stripes always complement denim. The classic designs layer over and under other pieces; they even move seamlessly in and out of pregnancy. They are versatility on a budget.

Make the leap to maternity; we promise it’s not what you expect. Show us how you wear MiMi @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe

Shop the feature:

Open Front Cardigan
Side Ruched Tee
Side Panel Skinny Jeans
Ruffle Sleeve Shirt
Kick Flare Crop Jeans


MH BLOG Mimi Intro Lisa Drake 2018 v2

We sat down with the Lead Designer Lisa Drake of the newly launched line MiMi Maternity to get her take on what to expect from the pieces, who this collection is for, and why it was so needed in the pregnancy fashion landscape.  Read on!

MH: What makes this line new and fresh in the maternity space?

LD: I think of MiMi as a way for women to move easily from pregnancy through post-partum without having to make a huge change in how she dresses – less of an emphasis on conventional “maternity” silhouettes and more about dressing her changing body in a way that still feels effortless and true to her personal style. That approach to dressing a pregnant woman in and of itself feels to me a bit like a shift in the maternity paradigm, so to speak.

MH: Who do you see as the MiMi customer? Who did you envision while you were designing?

LD: I see our customer as someone who is very in tune to trend and the online fashion landscape. She’s got a minimalist, but feminine sense of style, and appreciates the little details like just the right button or the perfect washed-down feel of a garment-dyed pant. She does all this while considering the price tag – look & feel of the garment is important, but the value has to be there too.

To be honest, I use myself as the barometer for the line. With every style I ask myself – would I have worn this when I was pregnant? And if the answer is no, it’s quite literally back to the drawing board.

MH: What was your inspiration behind this first line?

LD: So, in the beginning of the ideation process for Mimi’s first season, I decided to focus on not just a city as inspiration for each collection, but on a specific piece of architecture within each city. I look at the shapes, colors, settings, use of negative space and materials as a jumping off point when building out my concept, color palette, and print story each season.

I was inspired by Corbusier’s Cité radieuse in Marseilles. It is a modernist residential building in France with a very considered layout; the living quarters are very grid-like and regimented, while the communal spaces have more sweeping, curvilinear lines. The juxtaposition is very interesting to me.

MH: What is your design process and who do you collaborate with?

LD: My process always starts from fabric. I gather up all the different knit and woven textures, jacquards, embroideries and patterns that inspire me, and make a giant fabric board that sits at my desk. I let it percolate as I research runway and compile my mood boards. I pay really careful attention to fiber content, how the fabric drapes, & what the handfeel is. I particularly love working with cellulose fibers – cotton & viscose/ rayon. I think these feel the best, are the most comfortable… and goodness knows, in pregnancy, comfort is important.

MH: Being a mom yourself, how did that play into your understanding of what pregnant women might want?

LD: Through both of my pregnancies, I guess I never felt that there was a brand that spoke exactly to my sensibilities. Comfort and style were super important to me, and I knew that my body would change and grow, but I struggled to find maternity pieces that felt easy but still chic. I looked for fabrics that would breathe, bonus if they were versatile enough to wear after pregnancy too. For this collection, I really considered the longevity of each piece in her wardrobe and am optimistic that she’ll want to carry some of these items into her life as a new mom.

MH: What is your favorite piece from the new collection and why?

LD: I would have to pick our striped off the shoulder dress because it is comfortable, versatile, and will work for so many different body shapes. You can totally wear it after baby, too.

MH: If you had to sum up the collection in one word, what would it be?

LD: Uncomplicated!


Want more MiMi?  See why it’s the choice for cool girls who want cool clothes @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe


MH BLOG Mimi Launch 2018 v1


Ready for something new? Well, we’re ready for you to meet MiMi, the exclusive collection that is redefining maternity. Don’t lose yourself in pregnancy; find yourself in MiMi.

Who is MiMi?
She’s on trend, but also on a budget. She’s the city gal, no matter what city, who is unwavering in her taste for of-the-moment designs and refined casual basics. She takes pride in carrying her effortless, but Instagram-worthy street style into her pregnancy. Is she you?

What is MiMi Maternity?
It’s the new, exclusive collection available from Motherhood® Maternity. When creating the line, we took to social media to not only get inspired, but to find out what real women felt they were missing stylistically while pregnant. And that’s our goal: to make you feel like nothing has changed when it comes your style. These pieces are meant to be seen, liked, shared, snapped, and worn. They are essentially an extension of you.

Where is Mimi?
Starting today, February 27th, you can shop Mimi on Motherhood.com. The collection will hit select Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity stores March 14th.

We want you to explore the collection and fall in love with fashion that’s just for you. Make sure you follow the new line and tag your new looks @MiMiMaternity with #MiMiMama – we can’t wait to see you.

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