MH BLOG Jumpsuits&Rompers 2018 v1

We’ve been singing the praises of maternity playsuits all year, and it turns out we are not the only ones! Who What Wear rounded up the overalls and jumpsuits that are perfect for expectant mothers… and Motherhood made the list 3 times, with our sister brand, A Pea in the Pod rounding it out!

They said, “Expectant mothers, take note: We’ve just found the comfortable and stylish look that you’re pretty much never going to want to take off for the duration of your pregnancy. Overalls are about to be a game changer when it comes to dressing for your growing belly.”  Below are the styles that are taking the one-piece-wonder to the next level.

The Underbelly Straight Leg Maternity Jumpsuit in Black

Comfortable, relaxed, yet refined… this is the LBD of jumpsuits. What we love is the soft Tencel/cotton blend and cargo pants. It can be dressed up, down, whatever way you want to wear it!

The Best-Selling Denim Maternity Overalls

There is so much we can say about this style! It has been the most in-demand outfit since it premiered last year. Maybe it’s the perfect fit for growing bellies, the destruction, frayed hem?

Top-Rated Side-Panel Denim Maternity Shortalls

The warm-weather answer to the overalls is this short version! Stretchy sides, detailed destruction and the rolled hem are just some of the reasons they keep selling out!

Ruffled Maternity Romper

With ruffles in all the right places, this is sure to become a summer wardrobe staple.

BONUS: Linen Maternity Romper from A Pea in the Pod

Lightweight and totally chic, this gray romper was also on the list! Adjustable straps keep it cool now until you fashion it into fall!


MH BLOG KnitBar v1

Summer is all about comfort. Nothing should be too fussy or stuffy, especially when it comes to getting dressed. We have the tees, tanks, shirts and blouses that keep you looking and feeling cool.

Our basic maternity tees and maternity tanks come with our signature side-ruching, so that they are your go-tos from first tri to fourth tri. The stretch and recovery assure they never lose their shape, no matter how big the bump gets! With black to white, to stripe and every color in between, these are your summer style starters.

On Wednesdays we may wear pink, but we are definitely all about the #GraphicTeeTuesday! We are known for our graphic maternity tees. They are the perfect way to announce your pregnancy, reveal your baby’s gender, or make that picture-perfect Insta-moment come to life.  We like to speak from the heart and from the bump.

And for the days where you need a little something pretty, but without sacrificing comfort: the maternity blouse. It’s all about details, exposed shoulders, poppy prints and unique necklines. Once you have your top picks on tops, finish the look off with maternity jeans, maternity pants, maternity leggings, maternity shorts.

Tag us. We want to see how you dress from the top down. @motherhoodmaternity #thisisgoingtobefun



MH BLOG NursingBasics 2018 v1.jpg

We are less than two months away from National Breastfeeding Month, which is August!  With a name like Motherhood®, we know how important the journey from pregnancy to parenthood is. That’s why we also know your relationship with us doesn’t stop once the baby arrives. We want to be here for you in that fourth trimester and beyond! New motherhood is a period of rapid change, adjustment, with trial and error. Let us make at least one thing easier for you: dressing for nursing, pumping and life after the bump.

Our newest style guide is geared toward new moms. Whether you’re just finding out you’re pregnant, midway through, or just about due… it’s good to know that style doesn’t just stop. The nursing basics are made for you to have a seamless summer.

The tiered nursing tank lifts for easy access for breastfeeding and pumping. We paired it with our exclusive BounceBack jean shorts, which are made specifically for new moms. The compression panel smooths and supports post-delivery bodies.

The striped nursing dress also features a tiered lift-up feature. It’s the perfect piece for a lowkey look with sneakers. Or, dress it up with summer accessories and open toe sandals.

The coral nursing dress from Jessica Simpson for Motherhood Maternity is simply stunning. The crossbody ruffle opens for discreet feeding and pumping. This dress is the answer to those summer weddings and showers.

Our favorite style, the nursing romper, has a double layer top with a pull-down front for fast feedings. There is no wrong way to style the one-and-done outfit. It is the very piece for desk to dinner, to date night, to every day.

Want more nursing? Follow us all summer long as we get real on breastfeeding, pumping, and navigating new motherhood. Stay social with us @motherhoodmaternity #spilledmilk


MH Blog RealMoms Nursing 2018 Agata v1

We’re ending the month of May and our Motherhood Get Real on Motherhood campaign with our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Agata. She may be last, but certainly not least! We had a ball with her at her photo shoot back in September when she was expecting her baby boy. She didn’t name him them, but this time we got to meet little Thomas, and sat back down with Agata to discuss life as a new mom.

When you’re done catching up with Agata, make sure you check out all our real moms getting real: Erin, Katie and Kelly, and Sara. And keep on coming back for a summer of new moms, nursing information and the road to National Breastfeeding Month, which is August!

Motherhood: Tell us a little about your new baby!

Agata: Thomas was born mid-December during the winter season’s first snowstorm.  We chose the name because we are a trilingual household, and it works well in English, Spanish and Polish. Thomas loves bouncing in his bouncer, reading high contrast books and any words with rolling Rs. His favorite toy is this French rag doll we named Alfonso. He hugs it with such affection. He doesn’t care for pacifiers, but thinks his thumbs are delicious and pulling on mom’s hair is his perfect activity right now.


Motherhood: How has life changed since becoming a new mom?

Agata: It would be easier to list what hasn’t changed!  We definitely consume more coffee and less Netflix. I’ve also learned to love mornings because he’s the happiest and most playful when he wakes up in the AM.  We don’t go out nearly as often as we used to; a quiet night in is what we love the most these days.  It’s much easier for me to tame my FOMO with Thomas around.  He’s a perfect excuse.  Also, as a mom, I have a newfound appreciation for all parents including my own!


Motherhood: What has been your favorite nursing piece?

Agata: I have quite a few nursing tanks. They’re a must have for me. But I also loved nursing gowns for night feedings and for the hospital.


Motherhood: You dressed for date night the last time we took your picture. Have you managed to get out without the babe yet? If so, what did you wear to make pumping while out easier?

Agata: Yes, we have gone out a few times including a big party I organized for my husband’s 40th birthday. I wore a nursing cami under a regular top that was easy to lift up.


Motherhood: So, be honest… what has been the hardest thing about motherhood?

Agata: The lack of sleep during the first two months. I felt like a zombie. There was a point where I stored milk in the pantry instead of the fridge!   Under eye concealer became my new friend and my beauty routine has been compressed to a few minutes.  Also, finding time to workout has been very hard. So, I try to squeeze mini ones when he catnaps.
Motherhood: Any advice to those 3rd trimester mamas who are almost ready for the next step?

Agata: Prepping meals for when we got back from the hospital was a great idea. We could eat healthy and not worry about cooking. I was so happy I did that.  We also limited the early visitors, just letting the closest people to us come by. It allowed us to figure out this parenting thing without having to worry about guests.

Schedule a newborn photo-session at home for the first week or two.  I was so tired and really didn’t feel like I had the energy to clean up the house, shower, do my hair, prep the baby … but now I’m so happy we have those photos. They’re precious.

I also like this app Peanut. It’s a great way to connect with new moms in your area. It’s sort of like a “new mama dating” app.  Lastly, don’t buy books thinking you’ll catch up on reading while home with the baby. Of the five books that I got for myself, I’m 1/3 through the first one. Looking back at it – what was I thinking?


Motherhood: Any funny nursing stories? Weird places? Spilled milk? Over-exposure?

Agata: Fortunately, no for me. But I was out with this new mom friend in a mall and her baby daughter wanted to nurse, but also clearly didn’t want to miss out on all the action around us and kept pulling down her nursing cover!


MH BLOG Havana 2018 v1

For the newest Style Guide, we were inspired by the heat of the night, Havana nights. Cuban flair, pops of color, and the city’s architecture became the inspiration for the collection that is making us dance our way through the season of sun and fun.

An intense red is quickly becoming the color of summer, popping with deep florals and a form-fitting finish. This maternity dress moves with you mama.

With blocks of exposed skin, we took the bright notes of street style and channeled them into this new take on the cold-shoulder top, finished with thick and bold stripes.

Tasseled and tiered, the orange flounce maternity top adds to your pregnancy glow, while the black tiered maternity maxi channels the city scape, moving waters, and the endless nights.


MH BLOG Floorset AprilMay 2018 v1

Spring is fleeting and we are ready to fade into summer. Our newest collection is channeling blue skies and blue waters mixed with sandy-hued prints and nautical stripes. In short, we got inspired by beach days for this new wave of style.

Making memories is what the warm weather demands. And as much as we want to live in the moment, we want to capture it too. So, dress like your photo is going to be snapped; pose like you’re going to post; and feed your feed with the cutest clothes.

Want to get your beach bump ready? Shop the blog:

Chiffon Maternity Dress in Pink Florals

Button Front Maternity Tunic in Denim Chambray

Side-Panel Skinny Jeans in a Destructed Medium Wash

Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Top in Navy/White Stripe

Side-Panel Maternity Shortalls in a Medium Wash

Ruffle Front Maternity Dress in Polka Dot Chambray


MH BLOG Mimi Intro Lisa Drake 2018 v2

We sat down with the Lead Designer Lisa Drake of the newly launched line MiMi Maternity to get her take on what to expect from the pieces, who this collection is for, and why it was so needed in the pregnancy fashion landscape.  Read on!

MH: What makes this line new and fresh in the maternity space?

LD: I think of MiMi as a way for women to move easily from pregnancy through post-partum without having to make a huge change in how she dresses – less of an emphasis on conventional “maternity” silhouettes and more about dressing her changing body in a way that still feels effortless and true to her personal style. That approach to dressing a pregnant woman in and of itself feels to me a bit like a shift in the maternity paradigm, so to speak.

MH: Who do you see as the MiMi customer? Who did you envision while you were designing?

LD: I see our customer as someone who is very in tune to trend and the online fashion landscape. She’s got a minimalist, but feminine sense of style, and appreciates the little details like just the right button or the perfect washed-down feel of a garment-dyed pant. She does all this while considering the price tag – look & feel of the garment is important, but the value has to be there too.

To be honest, I use myself as the barometer for the line. With every style I ask myself – would I have worn this when I was pregnant? And if the answer is no, it’s quite literally back to the drawing board.

MH: What was your inspiration behind this first line?

LD: So, in the beginning of the ideation process for Mimi’s first season, I decided to focus on not just a city as inspiration for each collection, but on a specific piece of architecture within each city. I look at the shapes, colors, settings, use of negative space and materials as a jumping off point when building out my concept, color palette, and print story each season.

I was inspired by Corbusier’s Cité radieuse in Marseilles. It is a modernist residential building in France with a very considered layout; the living quarters are very grid-like and regimented, while the communal spaces have more sweeping, curvilinear lines. The juxtaposition is very interesting to me.

MH: What is your design process and who do you collaborate with?

LD: My process always starts from fabric. I gather up all the different knit and woven textures, jacquards, embroideries and patterns that inspire me, and make a giant fabric board that sits at my desk. I let it percolate as I research runway and compile my mood boards. I pay really careful attention to fiber content, how the fabric drapes, & what the handfeel is. I particularly love working with cellulose fibers – cotton & viscose/ rayon. I think these feel the best, are the most comfortable… and goodness knows, in pregnancy, comfort is important.

MH: Being a mom yourself, how did that play into your understanding of what pregnant women might want?

LD: Through both of my pregnancies, I guess I never felt that there was a brand that spoke exactly to my sensibilities. Comfort and style were super important to me, and I knew that my body would change and grow, but I struggled to find maternity pieces that felt easy but still chic. I looked for fabrics that would breathe, bonus if they were versatile enough to wear after pregnancy too. For this collection, I really considered the longevity of each piece in her wardrobe and am optimistic that she’ll want to carry some of these items into her life as a new mom.

MH: What is your favorite piece from the new collection and why?

LD: I would have to pick our striped off the shoulder dress because it is comfortable, versatile, and will work for so many different body shapes. You can totally wear it after baby, too.

MH: If you had to sum up the collection in one word, what would it be?

LD: Uncomplicated!


Want more MiMi?  See why it’s the choice for cool girls who want cool clothes @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe


MH BLOG Mimi Launch 2018 v1


Ready for something new? Well, we’re ready for you to meet MiMi, the exclusive collection that is redefining maternity. Don’t lose yourself in pregnancy; find yourself in MiMi.

Who is MiMi?
She’s on trend, but also on a budget. She’s the city gal, no matter what city, who is unwavering in her taste for of-the-moment designs and refined casual basics. She takes pride in carrying her effortless, but Instagram-worthy street style into her pregnancy. Is she you?

What is MiMi Maternity?
It’s the new, exclusive collection available from Motherhood® Maternity. When creating the line, we took to social media to not only get inspired, but to find out what real women felt they were missing stylistically while pregnant. And that’s our goal: to make you feel like nothing has changed when it comes your style. These pieces are meant to be seen, liked, shared, snapped, and worn. They are essentially an extension of you.

Where is Mimi?
Starting today, February 27th, you can shop Mimi on The collection will hit select Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity stores March 14th.

We want you to explore the collection and fall in love with fashion that’s just for you. Make sure you follow the new line and tag your new looks @MiMiMaternity with #MiMiMama – we can’t wait to see you.


MH BLOG Info&Inspo 2018 v2

We always say that we want to be your source for all things maternity, so we put our money where our mouth is and created an Info & Inspo tab on our website. Go to, then look to the right on the top navigation… there she is: the tab that ends all tabs (when it comes to pregnancy styling, sizing and surmising!)

What to expect? There are the answers to your questions concerning what and when to buy for your maternity wardrobe, what makes us the experts in pregnancy fashion, and other burning inquiries about dressing the bump.

We feature and highlight our monthly Style Guide, Wear Now and After campaign, and the Five Fundamental fashions to help you get started with shopping for all your new curves. This is the one time in your life that redoing your closet is necessary; so, it’s all the fun without any of the guilt!

We included our Trimester Checklist to keep your shopping priorities easy and efficient, as well as the Maternity Fit Guide showcasing the fit and function of how our pieces work through all trimesters, even into motherhood. It includes different pant styles, tops, dresses, and how to do a bra fitting at home. (But remember, bra and bump fittings are always free in your store too!)

We completed our tab with hospital bag suggestions, and an entire section dedicated to all our new moms, including nursing mamas who need support and style for breastfeeding and pumping. This Info & Inspo section comes full circle by adding our Perks Page. Working with some of the finest family and parenting partners helps us in making sure we are here for you the best we can from the beginning of your journey, to post-baby, and then beyond!

As always, keep getting inspired and inspiring us @motherhoodmaternity – we love seeing you in our clothes! #thisisgoingtobefun



Now is the time to have a fresh take on trends that transition effortlessly from season to season.  Stripes are a classic staple.  This maternity top is a two-in-one for any occasion. Take it to brunch this spring, then to the beach this summer. With elbow sleeves, and a fit that grows with you, there must be a spot in your closet for it. (It also comes in pink and navy!)

Cold shoulders continue to be hot for spring, and we know this bold, bright cold shoulder maternity blouse is going to liven up summer. A little longer, a little lighter, and complete with tassels —- this is your jean’s best friend.

And now to the one piece wonder that keeps selling out, coming back, and continues to be in demand: the pregnancy overalls! The side panels are clutch for comfort, the destruction adds a little edge, and bonus… the whole style clips down for AFTER baby is born to make nursing that much more efficient. These are truly one and done, well, except for the shirt you choose for underneath. Any will do, but we love a graphic tee for some extra fun!

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