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We know, we know… Halloween JUST happened, and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! That’s why we aren’t going straight to Christmas. We are taking a little detour and ever so slightly getting you in the spirit. Look past the gold confetti and red font. When we say there is so much to celebrate, that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, the end of another year and the beginning of a great adventure with baby. In other words, we are celebrating style and celebrating YOU!

To start, we are all about maternity denim. It’s America, and it’s kind of our signature. So, begin with your choice of blue and then work your way up. This is our second year selling the maternity overalls and they remain one of the top loved styles. We see them having a “third times the charm” moment in 2019 too! But there is no wrong way to wear jeans. Shop the featured skinny ankle pair here.

Sweater weather has of course come, but we are really living for plaid season. The featured red and blue plaid maternity top is actually a button front with convertible sleeves; so when those pregnancy hormones [or office heat] kick in, you can roll them all the way up! [Editor’s Note: this shirt comes in 8 different colors!]

You need your choice of maternity blouses particularly for this time of year. Between the parties, get-togethers and family fun… you should opt for a top that is pretty and practical. Shop the shown ruffle detail, tie sleeve maternity blouse in cherry or black! How do you dress for the busy season? Show us with #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity!


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Wake up and smell the roses… or better yet – go to sleep and smell the roses. Our new sleep set and nursing gown comes in the prettiest shade, Slate Rose.

These maternity pajamas are also a nursing sleep set. The gorgeously soft hacci knit is comfortable and breathable. It features a long sleeve top and stretchy waistband shorts. Wear them below the bump, then allow them to rebound with you after baby. The top is made with slits on the sides to allow for easy lift-up nursing and pumping access. With a little flutter on the sleeve, you’ll be wearing these for morning snuggles, mid-day guests, and nighttime cuddles.

Why stop with one pretty pajama, when you can have the same soft material in a really feminine silhouette? Give beauty sleep a different meaning and slip on the hacci knit maternity and nursing gown. It’s super soft, has a relaxed fit, complete with snaps for no-hassle feeding. Try one of our pregnancy panties (also amazing post-baby) underneath! This is how you sleep in style.


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Here at Motherhood® Maternity we suggest always having at least four maternity bras in your rotation, which is why we have our running promotion of buy 3, get the 4th free style. This way, you have different comfort options, always on hand if the rest are in the hamper, and then one to sleep in too. Above are our six styles of support that will you get through the next nine months and beyond, because our maternity bras ARE nursing bras.

We always get the question of when to start bra shopping. The answer is as early as you see your breasts change, which can be as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. Breasts are usually the first body part to grow… even before the belly! Our bras are designed to grow as you do.

Our full coverage style is the made for maternity tees and tops. Featuring an underwire, it does provide lift and support, while giving you the coverage you crave as the girls continue to grow! Similar in lift and support, the strapless maternity bra makes dressing easy and without worry. It will stay put and comes with detachable/re-attachable bra straps that can be made into a cross-back style too.

Our racerback maternity bras are one of the most loved styles. They are stretchy and super comfortable, plus they feature the slimmer cross back that looks amazing with workout wear. We love (and our customers love) the lacy ones, especially under a loose tee for a daringly cute look. Need something a little stronger and supportive for working out? We have maternity sport bras that keep you feeling secure as you get your sweat sesh on.

And now for our two most popular bras: the seamless bra and the maternity sleep bra! The seamless bra is award-winning, has over 500 5-star reviews and is top-rated across the board. Why? Well, it is truly wireless and of course seamless, so it looks and feels amazing under any top or dress. The ruching in the middle doesn’t allow for the dreaded uni-boob, providing separation and light support. It comes in two silhouettes: demi/regular coverage and full coverage, as well as in plus sizing 1X-3X.

The sleep bra, also known as our wrap bra, is the one dreams are made of. Super soft and slightly supportive, you won’t feel constrained in the middle of the night… or day. Unlike our clip-down nursing feature, our sleep bra effortlessly pulls over for feeding and pumping. Don’t sleep on this style; it’s a favorite for a reason!



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We bet if you take a poll of the MUST HAVE STYLES for pregnancy, our customers are bound to have leggings on their list. They are one of our Five FUNdamental pieces, plus they are our most popular pants. Yes… pants! From classic black to patterned and colored, we have your maternity leggings for lounging – or really for anything and for anywhere.

Let’s begin with our Secret Fit Belly® black leggings. Obviously black goes with everything! This maternity pair is crafted from super soft cotton and stretchy spandex to ensure a comfortable feel and fit all three trimesters.

We encourage our mamas to love them post bump too, since they will help ease you back into your pre-pregnancy body and are soft on c-section cuts/scars and overworked abdomens. You’ll love these so much, that you’ll want them in every color including grey, navy and burgundy, which is also shown above.

Now let’s get fun with these style staples. Try a legging with personality and pattern. The black and white fairisle maternity leggings are what your sweaters need. They take an easy outfit up a notch. They remind us of warm and cozy moments around a fire, on the couch, cuddling with loved ones, a good book and a cup of tea. They are what your winter wardrobe wants.

And our last featured maternity legging is textured and while the other print makes fashion fun, this one makes your outfit elevated. They have an elegance to them that we can see in the office and out on the town. Add a maternity button up or blouse for that perfect blend of professional and comfortable.



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Our graphic materniTEES are sort of becoming known for their Instagram love. We are forever using #GraphicTeeTuesday to see how our customers share the news of their pregnancy by letting their outspoken style tell their story. This holds true for holidays and we, as well as our customers, are loving the Halloween tees. Here are some cute ways to speak from the bump and announce your pregnancy!

Year over year, we keep updating the “We’re adding a pumpkin to our patch!” maternity shirt. We love the idea of going to an actual pumpkin patch and snapping away. Go ahead, layer a flannel maternity top over it, have a decaf in hand and be basic. The social world loves it; who are we kidding? If you can’t make it, then do a photo op with pumpkins and gourds on a beautiful blanket! Opt for outside and natural light.

Last year we introduced our “Pumpkin Smuggler” maternity tee to our site and stores with so much fanfare! That’s why we brought it back for new mamas-to-be to enjoy. This is an easy one to make a costume out of too. Add an eye mask, a money bag and waddle to your getaway car! [Editor’s Note: This style comes in plus size!] If you want an easy picture-perfect moment, add a couple props and snap away like we did.

Our newest maternity Halloween graphic tee may haunt you it’s so cute! Tell everyone you’re expecting with the “My Little Boo” style. This one comes in plus sizes 1x-3x as well. Take your photo against a white sheet, use some adorable ghost props and make Halloween filled with fun and fashion! Or, you can do like we did and added some fall décor and a cute cup for Mom! Just make sure you tag us in your pic with #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity.

Want costume ideas? Once the news is out, treat your bump to something soft and spooky or cozy and cute. Read our post all about our new scary soft Halloween maternity costumes.

Editor’s Note: The last day to place an online order in time for Halloween is Monday, October 22nd with standard delivery in the US. Make sure you get your costumes and tees NOW!


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We are falling softly for sweaters now that autumn has arrived. Over on the East Coast, we have been dealing with a hot transition from season to season, so the cool front coming is actually receiving a warm welcome! To honor the shift in temps, we want to highlight our new favorite maternity sweater, the cozy cowlneck.

Let’s begin: the cowlneck is great for mamas-in-the-making, because you ladies can run a little hot and we get that! Now you can have the best of the turtleneck, without the itch and heat, and with all the fall style. The featured maternity sweater comes in grey and oat, both shown.

The textured top is crafted with a cable knit weave, it’s chunky and yet lightweight, perfect for pumpkin picking to dinner and a movie. It’s comfy, cozy, complete with a longer dip front and back so you can wear it with jeans and leggings alike! That’s what we love… versatile style!

Want to continue to be comforted?  Our newest style guide, aptly named Easy Does It, shows off this sweater and more of our newest knits for all of fall and your winter wardrobe. Go softly into this week ladies; we’re here for you!



MH BLOG SnoogleSleep 2018 v1

Our #1 best-selling sleep pillow is all about bumps in the night! What makes the total body pillow, The Snoogle, so amazing? Well keep on reading…

Leachco, the company behind the pregnancy pillow says, “The Snoogle was uniquely designed by a Registered Nurse and Mom to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Use to make sleeping and relaxing more cozy without the extra body heat.”

What we love about it is the way you can snuggle up to it with your belly facing the pillow, as extra support when the bump starts to feel heavy. Or, how it wraps around your back acting like a stabilizer during sleeping, coming up between your legs and creating a natural lift.

The Snoogle is not only amazing for sleeping, but also for binge-watching and chilling on the couch. Just coil yourself up in the soft, yet structured polyester pillow. We sell removable covers for quick cleaning and replacing too, which are washer and dryer safe. So, go ahead and have that midnight snack with reckless abandon. The evidence can be washed away!

Once you take it to bed, you won’t want to be without it. We know our customers continue to use it as a nursing pillow post-pregnancy too. Oh… and guess what… The Snoogle is $20 off, making it $40 (originally $60) from Thursday, October 4th through Saturday, October 6th! Save in stores and online. Savings are taken at checkout.  Send us your bumps in bed photos with #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity.


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There are so many things you have to think about when pregnant, and the one we always get questions about is what to pack in your hospital bag! We suggest having your bag packed by at least week 35 and using your diaper bag as your hospital bag! Here’s a quick list of essentials:

  1. Labor and Delivery Gown
  2. Nursing Top
  3. Cozy Socks
  4. Diaper Bag
  5. Baby Book
  6. Nursing Pads
  7. Nursing Hoodie
  8. Pajamas

And don’t forget your nursing bras and underwear! Stop by our new mom shop for everything else you may want to toss in your bag. Happy packing ladies!


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Here it is, our autumn embrace. We have been waiting for the weather to change and the season to follow suit! For fall, expect total comfort in the form of super soft velour, the comfiest cotton and coziest knits. We will do anything to help you bundle up that bump so when fall becomes winter, you have these pieces at the ready!

Let’s start with the newest or shall we say renewed trend: VELOUR!!! We are loving the throwback to the early aughts [we see you J.Lo circa 2001.] Only now our velour maternity hoodies and maternity joggers are tailored and fitted, but still just as comfortable. We love a look… and this is certainly a look! Not ready to commit to a full outfit? The maternity hoodie dress from Jessica Simpson for Motherhood Maternity gives you the same feels, with a one and done style.

Cotton, said to be the fabric of our lives, is certainly the fabric of the season. The style staples, our side-ruched maternity tees, are a cotton and spandex blend, making them stretchy and soft. They look amazing with everything, from the best thing cotton has to offer, jeans, to the new hacci knit wide leg maternity pants. Our maternity sweatshirts are also crafted with cotton, so your weekend wardrobe is complete.

Now on to the knits. From jersey, to cable, to ribbed, hacci and even ponte… there is no shortage of maternity sweaters to love. You can top off any style with something super soft, every day of the week! Just make sure you tag us in your OOTD with #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity.


MH BLOG 5 Fundamentals v2

This time last year we jump started our Five Fundamentals campaign! We wanted to create an easy list of styles to help expecting moms when going shopping for the first time for their maternity wardrobe. After speaking to our customers, our moms at the office, and our friends who were pregnant and/or had kids… we narrowed it down to the five fashions that can be mixed and matched to create endless outfits.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about wondering what you need, hopefully this post will take the guesswork out! The five starting styles we recommend are: a pair of good maternity jeans, a classic maternity blouse/tee, a wear anywhere maternity dress, luxurious feeling maternity leggings, and of course a maternity/nursing bra.  For fall, we were inspired by new prints, colors and overalls as our core five.

For our lounge look, we started with the seamless maternity bra, which becomes a nursing bra with clip-down straps. If you are wondering which bra to buy first, this is it! It has over 500 5-star reviews, is award-winning, and is so comfortable you aren’t going to want to take it off. [Read more on our blog post dedicated to it!] We mixed in our exclusive Secret Fit Belly® maternity leggings in black, and our just arrived navy v-stripe maternity hoodie for a full fall look.

For an at work outfit, choose whichever supportive style of bra you love, then try an autumn-inspired maternity blouse. We are loving the new ruffle sleeve printed top in dark olive with red cherry blossoms. For those workdays where jeans are the answer, a simple skinny leg dark wash does the trick, but take this time to explore all the styles and bellies we have to offer! You will certainly find your best friend of blue!

For a date night look, there is no going wrong with the most-loved maternity dress we have – the side-ruched style! Our classic version is stretchy and soft, with elbow sleeves, so it really is an any-season, any-trimester must. It can be layered and accessorized, making it the perfect piece for pregnancy. Our dark maroon-purple shade is the one we want now to winter!

All weekend long, you will be living in our maternity overalls! We are counting them as a fundamental, because like jeans, you’ll reach for these over and over again. To keep the look comfy and lowkey, try it with a side-ruched maternity tee, or even one of our graphic maternity tees. Any top you put underneath will look good, we promise!

Here are your five fundamental fashions – happy shopping ladies!

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