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Workout or take a nap? The choice is really yours. But, to help you get ready for both… here are some maternity clothes that transition smoothly from yoga to yawn and mat to mattress. Plus, some tips and tricks thrown in from our amazing pregnancy and parenting partners.

Besides this adorable graphic maternity tank top, and the featured super soft French terry underbelly maternity shorts, we are loving the newest take on athleisure, like our graphic side-ruched dresses with sayings like, “Bae on Board” and “Kickin’ It”.  Our friends at Parents Magazine wrote an article on how maternity workouts are actually benefiting babies too. So, that bae on board is also feeling the positive effects of a workout. You look good, baby feels good – win, win!

Of course, we have the maternity activewear that is made for moving mamas. Created for stretch and sweat, the pregnancy performance wear is also comfortable enough to make your namaste turn into a nice long nap. Our friends at What to Expect say, “Yoga helps alleviate pesky pregnancy symptoms like constipationback painbloatingswelling and fatigue. And according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, staying active helps moms mentally, too, increasing energy, mood and ability to sleep.”

And for the everyday jog to dream outfit, our BumpStart™ line is the perfect package. They come in sets of two, with stretchy solid or striped maternity tees, maternity tanks and maternity leggings.  They are easy enough to take your style from walking to working, with accessories and outfit additions. Our friends at Fit Pregnancy say, “’I recommend walking to most of my patients who are pregnant,’ says Tanya Ghatan, M.D., an OB-GYN at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. ‘It’s easy entry for women who’ve never exercised and gives athletic women a way to stay active without the high impact of other activities they’ve participated in.’”

How do you do the athleisure look? Show us your workout to sleep-in style @motherhoodmaternity #thisisgoingtobefun


MH BLOG FathersDay 2018 v2

At Motherhood® we also celebrate Fatherhood! For Father’s Day we want to give a thank you to all the men being promoted to daddy! Below is a little gift guide for the guys!

And to all of our dads here… Happy Father’s Day! Read on to see what some of our co-workers have to say about fatherhood, life with kids, and what having the title “Dad” means to them.

  1. The graphic tee for him!
  2. An organic cotton Finn + Emma LoveXDad baby bodysuit
  3. “We Have a Hero, We Call Him Daddy” photo plaque from Pearhead
  4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

“Being a first-time dad has been an interesting ride. It’s been early mornings filled with multiple cups of coffee, late night feedings, messy diapers, screaming, crying… but it’s also giggles, belly laughs, playing, and endless fun. I’d like to think that I’ll spend Father’s Day sleeping in and being lazy, but chances are, I’ll hear my daughter awake in her crib at 7:30 am.  I’ll grumble about getting up that early on a Sunday – until I open her bedroom door and see that smile. She’ll have a poop filled diaper for me, but she’ll be smiling.” – Jeff Wowk, Senior Project Manager of Content and Print

“One of the most important things to keep in mind about Fatherhood is that you are in the memory making business. Even the smallest, least important things can turn out to be huge.” – Matt Green, Manager of Production, Print and Retouching

“Fatherhood made me realized that I don’t need possessions to be a rich man. I feel like the richest man when both of my boys are in my hands.” – Shafeik Hanif, Senior Manager of Web Operations

“Being a father has made me redefine what it means to be “present.” It makes me really stop and pay attention to the little moments in life, because they go so fast.” – Erik Schmidt, Director of Loss Prevention



MH BLOG NationalBestFriends 2018 v1

Last year right before Thanksgiving we met up with two sisters who were both having their first children within the next few months. Due a month apart, Jamie and Kristin came shopping with us to discuss dressing for work and home. They also walked us through their family holiday plans and staying stylish through the winter season. Well, they are back for summer!

We got the chance to meet up with the ladies and their babies to talk about life as new moms, new aunts and styling new post-baby bodies. [Let’s just say that BounceBack was a big hit!] Only a year and a half apart themselves, they have become even closer after having their babies together. We felt there was no better way to celebrate National Best Friends Day than with these two sisters and their besties in the making!

Motherhood: The last time we saw you ladies the holidays were approaching. You both had winter babies. How was it navigating through new motherhood in those first months?

Jamie: Having a newborn is scary! The first few weeks are all about figuring out what baby likes, dislikes, and what is bothering him. Now that the weather is warm and he is getting bigger, it’s getting easier and a lot more fun!

Kristin: It was hard! The flu was so bad this year and you want to show off the new babies but keep them safe as well. I asked that everyone follow my three rules: please do not come if you aren’t feeling well, please wash your hands, and please do not kiss the baby!!!


Motherhood: What maternity clothes did you keep in your wardrobe for nursing/pumping/getting back to pre-pregnancy size?

Jamie: My mother-in-law stayed with us and got all of my maternity clothes together and put them in storage for me. I am wearing the BounceBack jeans, but I purchased them after the baby was born. I do miss wearing my cute maternity dresses, and I sort of miss the bump!

Kristin: The go-to of course is leggings… also my shirts with the ruching on the sides. They help hide my mommy pouch!


Motherhood: Any funny stories about yourselves or each other that has happened since having the babies?

Jamie: One day I watched both the babies. What a workout! Gemma and Carter were sitting together and he started to eat her hand, thinking it was his. I got it on video and we all laugh about it.

Kristin: I tend to do weird things to my husband from lack of sleep. The other day I was patting his chest in my sleep and he asked me what I was doing and I told him I was putting the baby to sleep. When I realized what I was doing, we both laughed.


Motherhood: Kristin – have you been back to work yet? If so, what styles have you been wearing? And, Jamie, when you do go back in September, are there any maternity clothing you’re hanging on to?

Kristin: I am back already, and I love the black work pants that I got from the BounceBack line! They are a must-have in my weekly wardrobe. They feel like they have built in Spanx!

Jamie: I do enjoy a nice nursing bra, so I might keep this in my wardrobe, but I am really determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and wear my regular clothes. It’s so hard, you have a whole new body after baby!


Motherhood: You both walked out of the store either wearing and/or purchasing BounceBack jeans/pants. What about them made them that necessary purchase?

Jamie: After having a baby, you are so overjoyed, but you don’t feel like yourself. I loved my maternity pants and felt a little silly to continue to wear them, but I needed some extra support without squeezing myself into Spanx. This just adds a medium amount of support to help new moms be more confident.

Kristin: They made me look like I didn’t just have a baby 3 months prior. It is hard because you don’t look like yourself still with the extra weight from the baby; it was nice to at least feel like myself, and they did just that!


Motherhood: Let’s get real: how are the first few weeks and months after giving birth? Women are often afraid to ask and talk about it. Get candid with us, please!

Jamie: I am very open and honest with friends and family members who are pregnant or thinking about having their first child. I had a lot of complications late in my pregnancy, and it was frightening. After having Carter, I still had some complications for a few weeks. I needed to rely on my mom, husband, and other family members to help me while I was recovering. Women are expected to give birth and then just magically jump into this “mom” role. While we willingly and selflessly do it, we need to take care of ourselves. I am so lucky to be home with Carter for 5-6 months, and I do not take any day with him for granted. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but it is so worth it.

Kristin: It is really challenging. There is no instruction manual. You need to listen to your child and your instincts, but with this new little human and no sleep, that gets difficult. You definitely scream/curse once a week. I’m convinced if you don’t do that you are not normal!


Motherhood: And tell us a little about those bundles of joy…

Jamie: Carter James Lobban was born on 2/21/18 at 7lb 7 oz and 19 inches long. He is an extremely happy baby who takes a lot of naps (which helps mama get things done around the house.) He is finding his voice, his hands, and his feet, so it’s amazing to watch him start to interact with us and entertain himself. He has dimples from his father, and so far his eyes are extremely blue, getting these from his mom!

Kristin: My little girl is a typical girl = drama queen! She has the cutest fake cry when she wants attention and a personality bigger than herself. She wakes up with a big smile every morning and loves playing with her feet. She has made being a mommy very easy for me. (Aside from when she loses her $#!+ once a day!) I wish I could freeze her in this stage right now. My husband and I are really enjoying her. One of my favorite parts of the day is watching him and her interact; he has the cutest smile watching her smile!


Motherhood: If there is one thing you would tell your sister about how she is doing as a mom, what would it be?

Jamie: She’s the best mom. When I had Carter I was sort of lost. She helped me and taught me so much! She’s the younger sister, but she has this mom thing down!

Kristin: She is doing great… almost too great! She keeps everything together and stresses herself out to do so. Sometimes you just have to say screw it and take a nap! She is an amazing mommy and wife. Don’t be so hard on yourself J – that little guy has the best mommy in the world who will always love and protect him!



MH BLOG KnitBar v1

Summer is all about comfort. Nothing should be too fussy or stuffy, especially when it comes to getting dressed. We have the tees, tanks, shirts and blouses that keep you looking and feeling cool.

Our basic maternity tees and maternity tanks come with our signature side-ruching, so that they are your go-tos from first tri to fourth tri. The stretch and recovery assure they never lose their shape, no matter how big the bump gets! With black to white, to stripe and every color in between, these are your summer style starters.

On Wednesdays we may wear pink, but we are definitely all about the #GraphicTeeTuesday! We are known for our graphic maternity tees. They are the perfect way to announce your pregnancy, reveal your baby’s gender, or make that picture-perfect Insta-moment come to life.  We like to speak from the heart and from the bump.

And for the days where you need a little something pretty, but without sacrificing comfort: the maternity blouse. It’s all about details, exposed shoulders, poppy prints and unique necklines. Once you have your top picks on tops, finish the look off with maternity jeans, maternity pants, maternity leggings, maternity shorts.

Tag us. We want to see how you dress from the top down. @motherhoodmaternity #thisisgoingtobefun



MH BLOG NursingBasics 2018 v1.jpg

We are less than two months away from National Breastfeeding Month, which is August!  With a name like Motherhood®, we know how important the journey from pregnancy to parenthood is. That’s why we also know your relationship with us doesn’t stop once the baby arrives. We want to be here for you in that fourth trimester and beyond! New motherhood is a period of rapid change, adjustment, with trial and error. Let us make at least one thing easier for you: dressing for nursing, pumping and life after the bump.

Our newest style guide is geared toward new moms. Whether you’re just finding out you’re pregnant, midway through, or just about due… it’s good to know that style doesn’t just stop. The nursing basics are made for you to have a seamless summer.

The tiered nursing tank lifts for easy access for breastfeeding and pumping. We paired it with our exclusive BounceBack jean shorts, which are made specifically for new moms. The compression panel smooths and supports post-delivery bodies.

The striped nursing dress also features a tiered lift-up feature. It’s the perfect piece for a lowkey look with sneakers. Or, dress it up with summer accessories and open toe sandals.

The coral nursing dress from Jessica Simpson for Motherhood Maternity is simply stunning. The crossbody ruffle opens for discreet feeding and pumping. This dress is the answer to those summer weddings and showers.

Our favorite style, the nursing romper, has a double layer top with a pull-down front for fast feedings. There is no wrong way to style the one-and-done outfit. It is the very piece for desk to dinner, to date night, to every day.

Want more nursing? Follow us all summer long as we get real on breastfeeding, pumping, and navigating new motherhood. Stay social with us @motherhoodmaternity #spilledmilk


MH Blog RealMoms Nursing 2018 Agata v1

We’re ending the month of May and our Motherhood Get Real on Motherhood campaign with our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Agata. She may be last, but certainly not least! We had a ball with her at her photo shoot back in September when she was expecting her baby boy. She didn’t name him them, but this time we got to meet little Thomas, and sat back down with Agata to discuss life as a new mom.

When you’re done catching up with Agata, make sure you check out all our real moms getting real: Erin, Katie and Kelly, and Sara. And keep on coming back for a summer of new moms, nursing information and the road to National Breastfeeding Month, which is August!

Motherhood: Tell us a little about your new baby!

Agata: Thomas was born mid-December during the winter season’s first snowstorm.  We chose the name because we are a trilingual household, and it works well in English, Spanish and Polish. Thomas loves bouncing in his bouncer, reading high contrast books and any words with rolling Rs. His favorite toy is this French rag doll we named Alfonso. He hugs it with such affection. He doesn’t care for pacifiers, but thinks his thumbs are delicious and pulling on mom’s hair is his perfect activity right now.


Motherhood: How has life changed since becoming a new mom?

Agata: It would be easier to list what hasn’t changed!  We definitely consume more coffee and less Netflix. I’ve also learned to love mornings because he’s the happiest and most playful when he wakes up in the AM.  We don’t go out nearly as often as we used to; a quiet night in is what we love the most these days.  It’s much easier for me to tame my FOMO with Thomas around.  He’s a perfect excuse.  Also, as a mom, I have a newfound appreciation for all parents including my own!


Motherhood: What has been your favorite nursing piece?

Agata: I have quite a few nursing tanks. They’re a must have for me. But I also loved nursing gowns for night feedings and for the hospital.


Motherhood: You dressed for date night the last time we took your picture. Have you managed to get out without the babe yet? If so, what did you wear to make pumping while out easier?

Agata: Yes, we have gone out a few times including a big party I organized for my husband’s 40th birthday. I wore a nursing cami under a regular top that was easy to lift up.


Motherhood: So, be honest… what has been the hardest thing about motherhood?

Agata: The lack of sleep during the first two months. I felt like a zombie. There was a point where I stored milk in the pantry instead of the fridge!   Under eye concealer became my new friend and my beauty routine has been compressed to a few minutes.  Also, finding time to workout has been very hard. So, I try to squeeze mini ones when he catnaps.
Motherhood: Any advice to those 3rd trimester mamas who are almost ready for the next step?

Agata: Prepping meals for when we got back from the hospital was a great idea. We could eat healthy and not worry about cooking. I was so happy I did that.  We also limited the early visitors, just letting the closest people to us come by. It allowed us to figure out this parenting thing without having to worry about guests.

Schedule a newborn photo-session at home for the first week or two.  I was so tired and really didn’t feel like I had the energy to clean up the house, shower, do my hair, prep the baby … but now I’m so happy we have those photos. They’re precious.

I also like this app Peanut. It’s a great way to connect with new moms in your area. It’s sort of like a “new mama dating” app.  Lastly, don’t buy books thinking you’ll catch up on reading while home with the baby. Of the five books that I got for myself, I’m 1/3 through the first one. Looking back at it – what was I thinking?


Motherhood: Any funny nursing stories? Weird places? Spilled milk? Over-exposure?

Agata: Fortunately, no for me. But I was out with this new mom friend in a mall and her baby daughter wanted to nurse, but also clearly didn’t want to miss out on all the action around us and kept pulling down her nursing cover!


MH Blog RealMoms Nursing 2018 Sarah v1

This week we are featuring our real mom Sara, who is one of our senior designers. We first met with her last fall when she was expecting her baby girl Rae. Now as a mom of two she tells us about the differences between her first and second pregnancies, how she likes to spend time with her newly expanded family, and why it really does take a village. Read on for some sound advice from Sara!

Motherhood: Tell us a little about your new baby!

Sara: Rae is amazing. She is the happiest and most easy-going baby. Her big brother is the center of her universe. When they are together, she just smiles and laughs at what every he is doing which is usually pretty silly.


Motherhood: How has life changed since adding another child into the mix?

Sara: It takes us a while to get out of the house daily and when we go on trips. We are a family that likes to be out of the house and go on little and big adventures. I usually forget a few things. It is all worth it when I see the way Rae and Nate look at the new places we take them.


Motherhood: What has been your favorite nursing piece?

Sara: Two items were my ultimate faves! One: I lived in Jessica Simpson Pull Over Side Slit Nursing Top during maternity leave. I hate when tops lift in the back when nursing, but the function on the JS top allowed great access to the front while staying put and down in the back. Two: I wore our Tummy Sleeve over all my pants for the first two months post-partum. I knew very little about shapewear after my first pregnancy. I learned more when I was on a panel to wear-test this very item. It really helped me start to get my waistline back and stabilize my post-maternity belly.


Motherhood: As a designer of our jeans, what styles have you kept in your new mom rotation?

Sara: I still wore my smock waist shorts and side panel denim for a while after I had Rae. The shorts were the most comfortable style during and after my pregnancy, and I still felt like I looked put together when I left the house. The side panel denim does not look overly maternity, so I felt like I could get away with them for a while until I got back into my regular jeans.


Motherhood: How has coming back from maternity leave been, especially with pumping?

Sara: I knew what to expect this time so it was a bit easier. It was still hard being away from baby at first, but I love designing and really like the people I work with, which is the bright side of it all.


Motherhood: What would you say the hardest thing about breastfeeding has been and what advice would you give to a woman considering nursing?

Sara: I could write/ talk about this for hours. Unlike my first child whom would not latch, took hours to eat and would not gain weight, Rae had been a whole world easier. She latched right away and is a fast eater. The hardest thing is finding the right balance for you, your baby and even your family. With Nate, I did my best to nurse him, but he was always supplemented with formula which let my husband help out more with the feedings. Rae got to be exclusively breastfeed or given pumped milk at day care until she was 7 months old. Breastfeeding her is faster than giving her a bottle and my husband gets to spend more time just hanging out with her. I found what was right fit for both kids and was very happy when we found our balance.


Motherhood: If you could have given yourself one piece of new mom advice, what would it have been?

Sara: Find your village. They say it takes a village and it does, especially when you are in the weeds of having a new born. You will need support. At night I had my family, but during the day I looked for groups and activities I could do with other mommies with new babies. I joined a nursing group which helped me work through any issues I was having that week with breastfeeding. I learned a lot from the mamas with older babies and got to help out the newbies. I also really enjoyed my time at baby music class and mommy and me yoga where I got sing and get active with Rae.


MH BLOG Mimi Q2 2018 Inspo v1

We love looking into the mindset of designers, and it is no different when it comes to our newest collection from MiMi Maternity. Our last featured post discussed the capsule, named Brasilia, and how it was inspired “by the bold tiles and patterns created by architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and collaborating artist, Athos Bulcão.”

We took it a step further to show you how that inspiration became a reality. Brasilia is a very modern city; in fact, it was only inaugurated as the capital in 1960. It’s newness and bold, bright white architecture make it unique when being compared to the historical elements of traditional capital cities we have come to know. We tote our MiMi Mama as the metropolitan girl, so we love that her closet is created with all different types of cities in mind. The fast-paced, everchanging environment is what keeps our customer and her clothing current.

You can see elements of strong lines in the collection’s yellow geometric print, which can be found on this maternity dress and this maternity top. One of the most well-known architectural marvels in the Brazilian capital is the Cathedral of Brasilia. You’ll notice the deep white lines that resemble the sweeping columns on this tiered maternity dress and tie sleeve maternity shirt.

What we really love about the whole collection is that the structured element of design is balanced with flowing, easy materials that allow a carefree look and feel. Shop all MiMi Maternity here.

How does style inspire you? Tell us and tag us @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe


MH BLOG BeachBeauties 2018 v1.jpg

What is summer without swimming? A warm winter, that’s what! We personally think nothing is more beautiful than a bump on the beach. Call us bias, but there is something so wonderful about a mama relaxing by the pool, digging her feet in the sand, and showing off her best accessory.

According to our friends at What to Expect, there are a lot of benefits of swimming during your pregnancy as well. “Swimming is a gentle way to work toward your goal of 30 minutes most days of prenatal exercise — without aggravating your loosening joints. In addition to resulting in plenty of fitness-related benefits for your body and your baby along with reprieve for your tired muscles and joints, swimming during pregnancy can also help:

  • Relieve ankle and foot swelling. Submersing your limbs in water helps push fluids from your tissues back into your veins.  It also boosts your circulation, which keeps blood from pooling in the lower limbs.
  • Ease sciatic pain: Baby’s floating right along with you (instead of pressing down on your sciatic nerve).
  • Reduce morning sickness: Many women report that the cool water provides welcome relief from nausea.
  • Keep you cool: It’s a hard thing to do when those pregnant sweat glands are on overdrive — but a dip in a cool pool can help, especially when the temperatures soar outside.
  • Improve your labor & delivery experience: Swimming maintains muscle tone and increases your endurance — both of which you’ll be thankful for when it comes time to push baby out.”

And per Motherhood®, we know how to look good while swimming. Shop the post:


MH BLOG Havana 2018 v1

For the newest Style Guide, we were inspired by the heat of the night, Havana nights. Cuban flair, pops of color, and the city’s architecture became the inspiration for the collection that is making us dance our way through the season of sun and fun.

An intense red is quickly becoming the color of summer, popping with deep florals and a form-fitting finish. This maternity dress moves with you mama.

With blocks of exposed skin, we took the bright notes of street style and channeled them into this new take on the cold-shoulder top, finished with thick and bold stripes.

Tasseled and tiered, the orange flounce maternity top adds to your pregnancy glow, while the black tiered maternity maxi channels the city scape, moving waters, and the endless nights.

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